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There is no feeling quite like returning home or arriving somewhere that is well presented and well maintained. Getting an area to that condition can be tricky and time consuming without the right tools.

Surface specialist True Grip Ltd understand the desire to keep areas in a clean well maintained condition and to protect the investments made with exterior surfaces.

Why go through the cost of replacing a surface when it can be cleaned?

Using the unique and patented cleaning machine the True Grip Multi Cleaner scrubber, surfaces are scrubbed clean and not blasted with a jet washer. Traditional scrubbing machines and jet washing can degrade, damage the surface or remove pointing.

The scrubbing process uses very little water with no need to use detergents or environmentally unfriendly chemicals. It achieves a consistent clean finished.

The unique patented brush has long bristles for cleaning grooves or fissures, the short bristles brush the surface at the same time.

More true grip eco clean examplesTrue Grip’s Eco cleaning scrubbing process will clean typical exterior surfaces such as resin bound and bonded gravel, block pavers, cobblestones, driveways, patios, terraces, swimming pool surrounds, car parks, garden paths. It cleans any type of material such as pavers, natural stone, concrete, decking, wood, rubber safety surfaces, sports surfaces, macadam etc.

All this can be done with just using a small amount of water which makes the system an environmentally friendly concept and no chemicals

Due to global warming the climate is becoming warmer and wetter, exterior surfaces are suffering more from attack by pollution, moss, algae, lichen and weeds. The True Grip Eco cleaning service will remove moss, algae, lichen, black spot, white spot, oils stains, tyre marks, weeds, general dirt and restoring all the surfaces producing a wow factor.

The unique patented brush system will mean a surface will need less frequent cleaning.



There is a minimum charge we have to apply to get a machine, man and van to site. The unique brush system does wear with every m2 cleaned.

Based on using your water and electric supply we charge £168.00 plus vat up to 50m2 or larger areas over 50m2 are around £3.30m2 plus vat. This does not include re-sanding block paving joints (we can do this if requested), parking, congestion/t-charge. Rates do vary depending on contamination.

Alternatively for a quote subject to a survey, you can take pictures of the surface you want cleaned with the approximate m2, then send an email to us at . For larger areas call us to arrange a survey. 

Mixed eco clean examples